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Intro @ Open Agile Romania 2011: Build a Great Team

Andrea Provaglio: Talk on Effective Self-Organization

Jurgen Appelo: Talk on How to Change the World

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Andrei Savu

Andrei Savu

Andrei Savu is a software engineer, open source contributor at the Apache Software Foundation and the founder of, a company that builds a service that can deploy Apache Hadoop clusters on cloud infrastructure in minutes. Besides his work at Axemblr he likes to read a lot, play with exotic computer languages and meet interesting people.

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His talk: Continuous Deployment Pipeline

Continuous deployment is a process that allows companies to release software in minutes instead of days or weeks. All new code that is written for an application is immediately deployed in production by using an automated pipeline. This technique can dramatically increase the amount of feedback you collect and give you the ability to adapt to unexpected events.

This process requires a great deal of discipline and can enhance software quality, by applying a rigorous set of standards to every change to prevent regressions, outages, or harm to key business metrics. During my presentation I will go through the main elements that make this possible, I will review some existing tools that you can use and tell you a few stories about small and large companies that implement continuous deployment.