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Intro @ Open Agile Romania 2011: Build a Great Team

Andrea Provaglio: Talk on Effective Self-Organization

Jurgen Appelo: Talk on How to Change the World

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Thomas Mödl

Thomas Mödl

Tom became a signatory of the Agile Manifesto back in 2003, as he found his experience in large-scale software development summoned up therein. He has given programming classes for more than 3000 software developers in 8 countries.

He founded DialogData, a company for custom software development, during his studies at TU Munich back in 1989. Ever since, he believes that dialog between people – mutual respect and understanding – comes first, as expressed in the company’s name: DialogData.

As a coach for Agile and Kanban, he is a speaker at many conferences like OOP, REConf, REDays and at Munich University.

Talk: A Rational Romance: Scrum and Evolutionary Business Analysis

Agile practices and business analysis are often perceived to be at odds with each other. This talk aims to clarify why this discord need not exist and proposes that business analysts and agile champions work toward deriving benefit from using both, and exploit synergies that have the potential to dramatically improve the software engineering process.

Particularly in large projects, where software systems are produced incrementally by several teams, one can observe risks regarding the quality of the results and the successful adaption of Scrum in equal measure. Evolutionary business analysis with user stories can provide a decisive contribution here, by adequately supporting agile project management in initializing the Scrum product backlogs and by generating the backlog entries.